Introducing Wetsep

About WetSep

The WetSep System is a patented product providing a turn-key solution for wastewater treatment. The WetSep is a versatile system and can be applied in various types of industries and applications. WetSep has established itself as good maintenance system and has satisfied the requirements of many clients around the world. Surface runoff such as grit, suspended particles and sewage from temporary sanitary facilities will produce wastewater. The wastewater usually contains high concentration of suspended solids, BOD, ammonia and E. coil. In 1998, Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd. innovated WetSep system. We have delivered WetSep to 17 different countries including USA, Australia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Process Description

Chemical Enhanced Primary Treatment (CEPT) is recommended by World Bank as the most effective and energy efficient method of water and wastewater treatment due to the high treatment efficiency. 

The WetSep system uses the concept of CEPT. The first stage of treatment is the Impinging Stream Reactor (ISR) which does not require any driven motors. Thus, it reduces the energy requirement and simplifies the entire system. It combines the process of coagulation, flocculation and sedimentation in one system. By precise engineering of the flow path, flow rate, pressure differential and empirical data, the treatment can be completed in one single vessel.

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling, the performance of the WetSep system has been optimised to meet the needs of a wide range of influent water quality.

The influent water first passes into the ISR for the first stage of treatment. The ISR removes 80-85% of suspended solids (SS), oil and grease from the influent water. 

The second stage of treatment is the Universal Processing Chamber (UPC). It is designed to be a modular unit that allows different treatment systems to be installed, such as lamella plates, coalescing plates, membrane or rapid sand filter, to treat various types of wastewater. The choice of module depends on the requirements of the treatment which varies from project to project. 

Effluent from the ISR and UPC treatment processes has the suspended solid removal efficiency more than 99.5%.

Typical Applications

  • Construction Runoff
  • Tunneling
  • Bore Piling
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Leachate Treatment

Safety Features

Secondary Containment Compartment

Tube in Tube

Inclined Access Ladder

Handrail, Gratng and Toe‐board

Sufficient Working Headroom

 MSDS Box 

Emergency Features

First Aid Kit

Eye Wash

Safety Label

Technical features

Inline Mixing

Chemical Dispenser

Separated Chemical Injecton Points

Lamella Block with Stainless Steel Frame

Oil Drain for Floating Scum

Wastewater Treatment Solution - WETSEP