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The WetSep system is a patented product providing a turn-key solution for wastewater treatment. The WetSep is a versatile system and can be applied in various types of industries and applications.

WetSep has  established itself as good maintenance system and has satisifed the requirements of many clients around the world.Surface runoff such as grit, suspended particle and sewage from temporary sanitary facilities will produce wastewater. The wastewater usually contains high concentration of suspended solid, Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), ammonia and E.coli.

Waste and Environmental Technologies Ltd (WET)

A green technology entrepreneur with innovation as its guiding principle. Since 1998, WET has innovated new technologies in the field of Low Impact Construction and sustainable development. Our expertise in Low Impact Construction technologies has been adopted by the construction industry worldwide and the patented WetSep technology has been delivered to over sixteen (16) countries, including USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore.


Our Vision is to explore, pioneer and innovate in environmental technologies that people can benefit for a better quality of life and a sustainable future.


To achieve our goal, we focus on the Appropriate Technologies Principles which state that technologies should be be:

  • Simple to Apply/Use;
  • Minimize Capital Expenditure;
  • Not Energy Intensive (requiring little non-renewable energy to do, build, or maintain);
  • Use Local Resources and Labour; and
  • Nurture the Environment and Human Health.

WetSep Products

WetSep 10

  • Length:             2,290 mm
  • Width:               1,910 mm
  • Height:              2,230 mm 
  • Net Weight:      1,500 kg 
  • Capacity:           10 m3/h 

WetSep 20

  • Length:             2,991 mm
  • Width:               2,438 mm
  • Height:              2,591 mm 
  • Net Weight:      1,750 kg 
  • Capacity:           20 m3/h 

WetSep 60

  • Length:             6,058 mm
  • Width:               2,438 mm
  • Height:              2,591 mm 
  • Net Weight:      6,000 kg 
  • Capacity:           60 m3/h 

WetSep 80

  • Length:             7,058 mm
  • Width:               2,438 mm
  • Height:              2,891 mm 
  • Net Weight:      7,000 kg 
  • Capacity:           80 m3/h 

WetSep System

Chemical Preparation Unit (for Coagulant, Flocculent & Acid)

 with Secondary Containment Compartment 

Impinging Stream Reactor (ISR) with Conical Filter

with Inline Static Mixer 

Universal Processing Chamber (UPC) with Lamella Block

WetSep 60 & WetSep 80 only

PLC Control Panel

Grating, Handrail & Ladder

Auto Desludge System


WetSep 10 & 20

  • 85% suspended solids removal 

WetSep 60 & 80

  •  Suspended solids < 30 mg/L
  • 99.5% suspended solids removal
  • 75% BOD removal

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